Black Diamond Karting Academy


Our Youth Karting Academy is a dynamic program hosted by professional racing instructors using online courses, live 1on1 coaching and in person training sessions crafted based on the driver needs.

Our academy has a number of supplemental programs to address specific needs within the racing community allowing racers to engage with the programs that will best support them based on their needs.

It’s our way of fostering talent, promoting inclusivity, and preparing the next generation of racers for high-level competition.

Program Details

FFBC Path to Racing Program

Supplemental program funded by the FFBC to offer an introductory course for black youth in Ontario.  

TTKA Exchange Program

Exchange program connecting racers in Trinidad & Tobago to programs in Ontario to provide learning experiences.

Online Program

An online course supported by an AI knowledge base, offering in-depth learning on specific racing topics, accessible anytime.

Virtual Coaching

World class racing instructors.

Coming Soon

Trinidad & Tobago Exchange Program

In collaboration with TTKA (Trinidad & Tobago Karting Association) we will be developing an immersive training and exchange program in an effort to provide kart racers in Trinidad and Tobago exposure to the Ontario Kart Racing scene.  Online courses, 1on1 training sessions and eventually visits which will allow for experience at world class tracks against top tier competitors.  The only way to become the best is to race against the best.

Online Course


Developed by world class racing instructors, we have assembled an ever evolving program with resources to help budding racers to advanced racers explore different topic to further develop skills and take their racing to the next level.

Coming Soon